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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Challenge?

The Challenge is a simple, fun and effective way to improve the health of the hardest working organ in your body – the heart.

The Challenge begins with you.

Using existing health scores, such as cholesterol numbers, blood pressure data and more,, we can help you develop an individualized plan to whip your heart and body into shape — focusing on simple changes in three core areas: fitness, nutrition and outlook. And don’t worry, we’ll be there every step of the way, providing advice on how to put your changes into action.

Throughout the Challenge, you’ll have the opportunity to earn Life Points, redeemable for great prizes and discounts, by participating in various community events and screenings specifically designed to help you reach your personal goals. At each event, we’ll record your progress and you’ll see how incorporating simple changes into your daily routine can improve cardiac health and overall wellness.

Anyone can join, so sign up today and make the change happen.

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Do I have to be between the ages of 35 and 64 to participate in the Challenge?

Anyone over the age of 18 can join. In addition to the optional screening, all members will be invited to participate in year-long community events and activities, or what we refer to as Fitness, Nutrition and Outlook Challenges.

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Why should I join?

The Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler Change Your Life Challenge provides an interactive network to help you achieve your goals by guiding you through tasks, tracking your participation, and updating your progress to ensure continued success. You can enjoy staying active with the Fitness, Nutrition and Outlook Challenges available at www.ChangeYourLifeChallenge.org.

Throughout your journey, you will earn LifePoints for every task you complete. LifePoints will not only motivate you to achieve your goals, but you could win some FREE rewards when you reach specified LifePoint levels.  The more you get involved, the more points and rewards you’ll receive!

Challenge your friends and family and see who goes the furthest.  There’s no harm in a little friendly competition!

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How do I enter the Challenge?

The Challenge is FREE! All you need to provide us with is your name, email address and mailing information. To register, call toll-free at 866.328.6417, Monday through Friday during normal business hours or fill out the form online at www.ChangeYourLifeChallenge.org.

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How long does the Challenge last?

The various Change Your Life Challenges will continue until the end of December 2011. By the end of the year, you should see how the steps you have taken resulted in a healthier, better you.

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How will you track my progress?

Change Your Life staff will greet you at the various activities and events to check you in via your Change Your Life ID Badge. Each time you participate, LifePoints will be awarded and appear on your personal online dashboard. From there, our interactive website will calculate your points and reward you when you hit specified LifePoint levels. After you enter your existing health scores, we’ll provide opportunities for you to engage with Change Your Life staff at community events all over Volusia and Flagler. You can also input check point values as you receive them.  Did you stop and have your blood pressure checked at your grocery store kiosk?  Did you get updated lab results from a visit with your doctor?  You can take time and log them in on your personal dashboard.  Updates for your participation at Change Your Life events will be posted on your personal dashboard, after the end of the event. Have some fun with the family, learn something new, earn points for your progress – all while making your heart stronger and healthier.

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What is the Change Your Life Challenge philosophy?

Because heart disease causes one in every four deaths in the U.S., Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler has committed to not only bring the best cardiovascular treatments to our patients, but provide preventive programs to help keep heart disease from ever being a problem for you. Long known for our care for the sick and ailing, we are committed to continue improving the health and well-being of our community through screenings, education and personal growth programs.

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What exactly is the Challenge?

The Change Your Life Challenge is all about making life change easy to implement in your life.  Activities may include screenings, fitness opportunities and events to teach you more about nutrition and how it can impact your overall health.  These activities are all designed to help you achieve better health through personalized, expert guidance and the support of an entire community of like-minded people looking to live longer lives. For information or to sign up, visit www.ChangeYourLifeChallenge.org or call (866) 328-6417.

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Who can take the Challenge?

Anyone over the age of 18 can join the Florida Hospital Volusia/Flagler Change Your Life year-long activities.

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Do I need a physician order to join?

A physician order is not required, but we strongly suggest you consult with your doctor to ensure the Change Your Life Challenge is right for you. And if you think your physician would like to be a part of the Challenge, we have clinical member opportunities available as well.

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Will I get help throughout the Challenge?

Change Your Life clinical team members are committed to your success. Challenge participants will gain valuable insight and personalized plans to meet your goals from experienced nutritionists and wellness experts. Plus, you’ll be part of an entire community of people putting change into action.

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How long does it last?

The Challenge will finish prior to December 31. Stay tuned to see what your partner in health, Florida Hospital, will offer to you as you begin thinking of New Year’s resolutions for 2012.

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Are you in my area?

Our five Florida Hospital campuses in Volusia and Flagler counties and extensive network of partnering physician practices provide excellent care that’s close to home. Visit www.ChangeYourLifeChallenge.org to find a provider near you.

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How do I sign up?

Simply visit www.ChangeYourLifeChallenge.org and click on the ‘Sign Up’ link on our home page, or call (866) 328-6417.

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Are you on Facebook?

Absolutely!  A friend of health is a friend of ours, and many can be found on Facebook. A lot of Challenge participants prefer to check our Facebook page for event listings, pictures and member updates. Visit us on Facebook!

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Can I invite friends and family to join the Challenge?

Actually, we encourage it. A little friendly competition between loved ones is a great way to get the entire family, or your entire block, onto a pathway toward a healthier and happier future.

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